API SMS: Automate Texting from All Script

There has been lots of discussion about the ways API SMS in India services can help to grow businesses and offer the info that business owners are searching for. But how the web and API SMS works can be understood when there is a comprehensible image about the API SMS service in use.

What is an API SMS?

An API (application programming interface) allows one bit of programming to use info accessible to or usefulness of an alternate. API SMS in India furnishes a conventional, automatic scheme for entering an asset – it is an organized technique of uncovering purpose. Consequently, API SMS is used for sending bulk SMS to every subscriber within seconds. API SMS is a key factor for better framework architectures, and can be used for different purposes.

Easy mixes of social stages

With bulk API SMS service gadget, it isn’t hard to merge SMS with other social media. Business owners can promote their API SMS program or provide via ordinary social media platforms and sway their contacts to pick into receiving quality SMS texts from their businesses. The best thing about API SMS is that people can keep their SMS administration turned on and thus honour their clients with frequent text messages.

Easily integrate SMS with versatile API SMS in India

Of course, the API SMS is not all about sending short messages; people can send MMS texts too, manage contacts, schedule messages, retrieve inbound texts and so forth.

1.  Send SMS With API SMS services, people can send texts to groups or individuals. In fact, they can send about 8000 texts per second using the bulk API SMS with full delivery receipts.

2.  Send MMS with API SMS, clients can send MMS containing images, video or audio to all mobile phones in India. They can easily merge MMS API into all desktop, webs or smart-phone apps.

3.  Scheduled messages SMS can generate a detailed list of all the short messages they have planned to be sent out. In addition, they can destroy any unwanted texts directly from their own web or app.
4.  Inbound messages SMS in India allow users to retrieve a list of inboxes and receive a full list of texts in a range if they want. Results are delivered as XML or JSON for easy storage in the system.

5.  Contact management API SMS service allow user to manage their contact, delete or create contact groups and add contacts either in bulk or individually.

6.  Message reporting API SMS allow business owners to retrieve text history including texts sent via messenger, the API SMS and email to SMS. They can get the status of any sent message of group texts.

7.  Messenger survey the best thing about API SMS is the ease with which users retrieve lists of their surveys. The results are delivered as either XML or JSON – they can easily be integrated into a web or app.

8.  Account management API SMS in India allow user to keep track of their text account, easily retrieve MMS and API SMS balances. They can easily pull a list of all senders in their accounts.

9.  Reseller management API SMS service allows users to manage their white label account. They can transfer credit between all accounts under white label.